CSA Group Opens Highly Advanced Electro - Medical Laboratory in Seoul

CSA Group Opens Highly Advanced Electro - Medical Laboratory in Seoul

September 28, 2016

Seoul, South Korea

 – Part of Healthcare Expansion and Global Service Offerings

CSA Group, today announced the opening of its new medical laboratory in Songpa-gu, Seoul, specializing in testing and certification services for electro-medical and laboratory equipment such as home healthcare medical equipment, X-ray equipment, HF surgical equipment, infusion pump, ECG monitoring device, laser equipment, endoscopic equipment, multifunction patient monitoring device, microscopes and sterilizers.

“As the Korean medical device industry has grown significantly, CSA Group is pleased to open in Seoul its largest electro-medical laboratory in Asia. The state-of-the-art facility will help provide comprehensive testing and certification services for domestic medical device companies and enable effective access to North American and global markets.  Our experts can provide significant localized testing and certification services to a broad range of medical products, and are equipped with knowledge in multiple environmental, safety and performance standards,” said Danny Yoon, CSA Group Area Director, Asia.

The laboratory also provides services for commercial and household appliances, as well as audio/video equipment and HVAC/R products. CSA Group Korea offers sustainability and energy efficiency verification programs to North American standards. Recently, as part of an alliance, CSA Group launched a series of sustainability standards for household products as well as a CSA Group sustainability mark to help consumers identify environmentally preferable products.

In addition to testing and certification, special inspection and field evaluation services are offered. These programs provide evaluation according to applicable safety requirements in Canada and in the US. The review is performed on site, and upon successful evaluation, units found in compliance are affixed with the Special Inspection label for Canada or a Field Evaluation label for the US. The service is intended for one-of-a-kind and limited-production products and unlisted electrical equipment. The process is completed at the point of manufacturing, interim points of distribution, at the final installation site, or a combination of the above, as requested by the customer.