CSA Group Grants Philips Suzhou Its First CPC Laboratory Qualification in China

CSA Group Grants Philips Suzhou Its First CPC Laboratory Qualification in China

October 18, 2016

Late in September, CSA Group granted Philips Healthcare Suzhou Co. Ltd. its first domestic category program for certification (CPC) laboratory qualification in China. Jiang Yi, Vice Present of CSA Group China participated in the ceremony with senior representatives from Philips Healthcare Suzhou.

Philips Healthcare Suzhou started to work with CSA Group China in 2012. After several months of preparation demonstrating understanding of the applicable standards, ability to design, manufacture and test products in compliance with the standards, and access to suitable testing facilities, Philips Healthcare Suzhou’s laboratory today qualified for the CPC program. CPC allows the manufacturer to conduct its own testing and determine if the product meets the requirements of the applicable standards. The manufacturer will then send its testing results to CSA Group. Once the results are verified, CSA Group will grant a certificate of compliance for the qualified products.

“The export business of Philips Healthcare Suzhou has increased significantly year-over-year, increasing our needs for testing and certification for world markets,” Mr. Wang Liqin, director of Philips Healthcare Suzhou Healthcare Research said. “We are very grateful to the CSA Group certification team and engineers for helping us to shorten the project time and help our products reach North American and global markets. With the CPC qualification, our team will be able to be more flexible, help speed up delivery time, and help us to enhance our research and development.”

“CSA Group is very happy to grant Philips its first CPC laboratory qualification. We are proud to work with organizations like Phillips that are dedicated to enhancing research and development and creating better, safer products,” said Mr. Jiang Yi, Vice President of CSA Group China. “We look forward to continuing our work with Phillips and to continue providing them with efficient, professional services through our local team and laboratory.”

CSA Group has a wealth of experience in testing and certification and an excellent team of local engineers in the field of healthcare in China. Through our global market access program, CSA Group provides access to our team of experts worldwide. CSA Group also offers services in IEC testing and global market access to help Chinese manufactures export their products to markets around the world.